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How do I get my document to print?

Last Updated: Mar 04, 2013  |  26 Views

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Each undergraduate student is alloted 250 free pages for printing/copying each semester. Graduate students are given a 500 free page allotment.

To print using your print pages balance:

1. Use the program menu (Word, Internet Explorer, etc) to locate the PRINT options dialog box.

2. Select a printer from the Name drop-down menu in the Print dialog box.

1 page = Cost 1 page   | B&W Printers in the library: LibLabz 1, LibLabz2, LibLabz 3, LibLabz 4

1 page = Cost 5 pages | Color Printer in the library: LibColor

3. Click OK to Print.

4. IMPORTANT: Before a job will actually be sent to the printer, the user must authorize the job by clicking okay on the Print Job Confirmation pop-up box. If you do not complete this step, your job will never print!

Note: This Print Job Confirmation box tells you everything you need to know about your print pages account balances.

Pages queued for Print = How many pages you are actually printing

Cost = How much is this going to deduct from your print account balance (COLOR charges 5 pages on your account for every 1 printed!)

ETBU Free Pages Avail: Begins at 250 each semester (FREE)

Purchased Pages Avail: This will indicate 0 unless you have purchased pages from the library or the business office. Additional pages are $.05 for ETBU students. See someone at the circulation desk in the library for details.

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