Answered By: Elizabeth Ponder
Last Updated: Nov 26, 2018     Views: 199


Due to circumstances beyond our control, new student IDs are not currently compatible with our copy machine card reader. Students should see a circulation desk attendant to make copies. Please accept our apologies for any inconvience this may cause. 1/23/14

Students can now use their ETBU Student ID card to make copies. Copies will be deducted from your printer pages allotment.

To use the copier, slide your student ID card through the ID card reader next to the copier. You can view your available pages on the ID card reader.  Align your original(s) and select the number of copies you would like to make from the copier panel. 

You must press FINISH on the ID card reader upon completion of your copy session.  Failing to do so can result in the loss of your remaining print allotment.

If you do not have an ETBU student ID, please see the library staff member at the Circulation Desk in the library.