Answered By: Elizabeth Ponder
Last Updated: Nov 26, 2018     Views: 2625

***UPDATE 12/7/15 ***

We are receiving several reports that JSTOR PDFs will not load on off campus computers. The temporary work-around is to RIGHT CLICK on the "Download PDF" link and either click "Open in new tab" or "Save Link As."

To print an article from JSTOR, first click the article title from the search results list to view a page scan of the article.

From the page scan, click "View PDF" from link box on the upper right corner of the article page. You will be asked to agree to JSTOR's Terms and Conditions. After agreeing, the article will open in a standard PDF format. 

JSTOR requires that you agree to the Terms and Conditions prior to opening any PDF view of an article.

From the PDF view, use your pdf viewer to print the article like you would print any other PDF. Note: Because you are viewing a PDF, most likely your browser's print options that you are used to using will not print the article properly. Use your mouse pointer to hover over the bottom portion of the page and a gray toolbar will appear. Click the printer icon to print using this special PDF toolbar.